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  • Stop eating your emotions and end chronic dieting without guilt or deprivation?
  • Make peace with food & with yourself? 
  • Step into and OWN the body and life you deserve and desire?

It’s Time to LET GO of the Struggle …

You’re holding back a LOT of potential energy when you’re stuck on the hamster wheel of overeating, then beating yourself up for it, and then anesthetizing yourself with food to “cover up” those guilt feelings.   This takes a heavy toll on your mind and body … piling up the weight of stress, fat, and low self-esteem. Take a DEEP BREATH … I’ve been there.  I understand what you’re going through.  I’ve learned that we can’t go this alone, and I can help you!

Your Next Step …

I can help you learn to meet your emotional needs in more effective ways than eating, so you can break free of your obsession with food, yo-yo dieting, and low self-esteem.  When you work with me, we’ll build awareness around your daily triggers that cause you to reach for food and create a plan to address them in more empowering ways.  And, then you’ll be free to re-channel that stuck energy into expressing your most authentic, vibrant self!

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When it comes to weight loss, what you eat is only

PART of the equation

An even bigger factor is who you are being.  The truth is … your body speaks your mind.  And, even your relationships are a mirror reflection of your innermost self.  Therefore, shifting your thoughts and feelings and expanding your range of choices are centerpieces to my coaching. Check out my work and play with me!

If you’ve tried everything and have not been able to release the weight of stress and fat and you’re clear that it’s not just about the food you eat, but your mindset and emotions that have been holding you back, then you’re in the right place!  In addition to creating lifestyle habits for a healthy mind and body, my programs help you to step into your power as you create shifts from limiting to empowering beliefs and process subconscious emotions. With this holistic approach, you begin to flow through life, and life begins to flow through you with greater EASE.

My clients are finding the results they are looking for! 

See what a few clients are saying …

I learned tools and important information to be able to manage my health and release weight. I was able to transform some assumptions about myself, my body, and food that I was not even aware I had. 
Gabby Rodil, Chicago, IL
If you have not had a chance to work with the incredibly gifted Dina Weiss, then you are missing a HUGE opportunity for healing. I now feel a ton more peace, relief, freedom – and infinite love and gratitude.  
– Lisa Fraley, Raymond, ME
Dina has such a genuine approach, and she uses and trusts her intuition to really help to get to the heart of the matter and to the core of where you are really feeling stuck.
Carrie Jain, Los Angeles, CA
I had another dress I have never been able to wear. I decided to try it on one more time before adding it to my goodwill pile, and it looked ‘SMOKIN’!  Thank you for providing an avenue for me to feel good about myself again!  
– Cris Greer, High Point, NC
After working with Dina for the last 10 months and with her encouragement and guidance, I have released 25 pounds and kept it off.  She is supportive, honest and knowledgeable.  
– Marva Wolf, Edmond, OK
Dina is very skilled in many modalities and techniques, so her expertise in holding a space of kindness and love was very welcoming to me.  It was remarkable to hear her mirror back some of the fascinating questions and fresh insights to me – all custom tailored to my needs.  
Ellen Welk, OshKosh, WI
Dina is gifted. She has uncanny intuition to know what healing modality to incorporate into a session. She is highly trained and it shows.
– Elijah Selby, San Francisco, CA
Working with Dina has showed me how to slow down and love myself and to listen to my body.  She showed me how to nourish myself in all areas of both mind and body.  
– Stacy Solie, Palm Harbor, FL

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