Helping women release stress and self-sabotage that lead to overeating so they can create a joyful relationship with food, their bodies, and themselves.


What You Don’t Know is Weighing You Down

Wanna know the Hidden Reasons that Might Block You from Finding Your Optimal Weight?

It’s Time to LET GO …
of the Struggle & the Diet Culture Mentality

Most clients come to me because they want to release weight from their bodies.  After trying scores of diets disguised as “healthy lifestyles,” which work until they don’t, they feel exhausted, disgusted, unhappy, and hopeless.

I know … I’ve been there too.

The diet culture has programmed us with the mindset that …

  • Shrinking our body is the path to happiness,
  • The scale somehow defines our worth and identity,
  • Foods are “good” or “bad,” and
  • Food rules and restrictions are the solution.

However, my clients and I have come to discover that beyond weight loss …

What we TRULY desire is a peaceful & joyful relationship
with food, our bodies, and ourselves.

Yet, we cannot heal our relationship with food, our bodies, or anything else when our nervous system is dysregulated and in a state of stress.  We cannot access our inner peace or wisdom when we’re in the grips of anxiety, regrets of the past, and fears about the future.

When we were born, we didn’t question our worthiness.  Nor did we question our birthrights to exist, have needs, be separate and still belong, love & be loved, and take inspired action.

Somewhere along the way, we were programmed otherwise on a subconscious level by (sometimes well-meaning) caretakers, institutions, and society.  Plus, we’ve all experienced real or perceived threats to love, safety, belonging, and even our very identity.  

These experiences led us to make decisions about ourselves and others that are often untrue, though they can feel very true.  This is where beliefs are born, such as “I’m not capable, I’m not worthy or deserving; It’s not safe to be seen or heard.

These outdated, limiting beliefs create stress and weight on our minds and bodies, keeping us from living the life we truly desire.  The companions of these beliefs are emotions like fear, sadness, guilt, shame, disappointment, frustration, anger, low self-esteem, and overwhelm.  It’s no wonder we resort to overeating to numb ourselves from feeling these emotions and the negativity they generate.

When we release this mental/emotional baggage and bring the nervous system back into balance, our body can find its optimal weight.

I LOVE color!  I see my work as an art palette of delicious colors … tools and practices I sometimes blend or use independently in my private and group programs to navigate and shift mind-body weight in compassionate and empowering ways.

Here are the colors of my palette …

EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping)

… is a powerful method that helps restore balance to your nervous system by opening up the flow in your body’s energy channels and calming the amygdala, which is responsible for the fight or flight response in your brain.  As a result, you feel more grounded and connected to your inner wisdom.  With various techniques customized to your individual needs, EFT involves gently tapping specific acupressure points located on your hands and upper body using your fingertips.  EFT is proven to reduce stress, neutralize the emotional charge of difficult memories, and transform outdated, limiting beliefs.  With this empowering tool, I’m here to help you break free of limiting thought patterns and distressful emotions that hijack your head and heart.

Matrix Reimprinting

… Together as a team, we work to bring healing resolution to a younger version of you who experienced challenges that resulted in a limiting, disempowering belief.  This younger you is locked in that space and time and doesn’t know what’s happened since then.  Yet, her feelings and beliefs are bleeding into you, and she’s driving your current behaviors and patterns.  During this process, we help her access resources, wisdom, and insights that allow her to see things through a different, more empowering lens.  The BONUS is that she has golden nuggets of wisdom to offer you, too!

Intuitive Eating

… is a life-changing journey that liberates you from the confines of diet culture, breaking free from rigid food rules, restrictions, and body shame.  It empowers you to embrace a kinder approach with the Intuitive Eating mindset, where all foods have a place in your life, and your body is honored, trusted, respected, and accepted.  A profound life lesson for me was recognizing that “What you appreciate appreciates.”  This perspective enlightened me to understand that authentic transformation of my body and life begins with a genuine appreciation for my present state.  By embodying these mindsets, you can end the battle with food, your body, and yourself and access a more joyful and playful relationship with life.  While it’s perfectly okay to desire weight loss within the framework of Intuitive Eating, it’s no longer the focus.  However, it may be a byproduct of adopting a balanced and intuitive approach to food and self-care.

Mental Fitness

… is the best predictor of your happiness.  It’s the ability to respond to life’s challenges with a calm and creative mindset rather than a reactive one.  With brief daily practices and strategies created by Shirzad Chamine, Founder of Positive Intelligence®, you strengthen three core “muscles” at the heart of mental fitness.  You tame your inner critics, “The 10 Saboteurs,” that generate negative emotions, perfectionism, procrastination, and other behaviors that don’t serve you.  And you learn practices that strengthen the part of your brain that has more access to empathy, creativity, and wisdom.  What’s exciting is that fMRI research has documented this!

The LifeLine Technique®

… is a path to raise your conscious awareness and gain more emotional resilience for evolving life’s pain, fear, and stressors into a portal to the next best version of you.  Developed by Dr. Darren Weissman, holistic physician, and best-selling Hay House author, The LifeLine Technique® integrates aspects of 14 holistic modalities such as NLP, Ayurveda (the chakra system), 5-Element Theory of Chinese medicine, and Kinesiology to help you understand and create a meaningful relationship with your subconscious mind. 

“Working with DIna, I’m feeling more in control of making choices that work for me, instead of food dominating my life.  In our sessions, she meets me where I am and has so many tools.  It’s a very ‘Dina Thing’ to be able to get to her tool belt, almost like Batman.  I feel understood and embraced for who I am.  That is the empathy she’s able to bring because she has made these shifts in herself.” 

Gabby Rodil

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