It’s time to break free of overeating, yo-yo dieting, and low self-esteem …


In my 12 Weeks toTame Your Food Triggers” program, you’ll receive a personalized 1:1 transformational coaching experience that’s designed to help you meet your emotional needs in more effective ways than eating.  This program embodies the 7 steps of the “FREEDOM” Formula for taming your food triggers:   


F – Focus on your true heart’s desires.

R – Recognize your eating cycle patterns.

E – Ease into feeling hunger as a reliable guide for eating.

E – Expose your non-hunger triggers for eating.

D – Design a plan for coping with specific triggers for emotional eating.

O – Own your plan as you step into new awareness and positive action.  

M – Mindfully build a Self-Care Buffer Zone.


While the topic of food will be discussed, these programs are not about food plans or meal plans.  It’s about giving you tools and strategies to meet your emotional needs in more effective ways than eating and to learn how to rely on hunger as a reliable guide for eating so that you can feel more FREEDOM in your body, in your relationships, and in your life.

My clients report that they feel more …


    • at peace with their food choices, with their body, and with themselves
    • naturally and effortlessly able to release weight
    • in touch with what truly wants to be nourished in their life 
    • in control around food and actually enjoy it
    • able to handle sugar & carb cravings with ease
    • capable of dealing with stress and other triggers
    • vibrant & energized in their body
    • comfortable looking in the mirror because they’re happy with what they see
    • connected to a new sense of joy, gratitude, & purpose!



Coaching with Dina has made it possible for me to make lasting changes in the way I eat, think and live.

I have been working with Dina for over a year now.  In fact, I just enrolled in my 4th 90-day program because it’s been a great way to continuously work towards my evolving goals with great accountability and guidance.

Before working with Dina, I was feeling overwhelmed and isolated in my search for the best version of me.

Taking the time for the coaching sessions themselves was already amazing. It was truly “me-time.” I left every session feeling empowered and energized to be my best self. More importantly, I learned tools and important information to be able to manage my health and release weight.  The process has helped me with my self-esteem, in addition to all the practical positive impact on my health. I was able to transform some assumptions about myself, my body, and food that I was not even aware I had. One of my biggest “take-aways” from our sessions is the understanding that there are two sources of nourishment:  the soul and the food that we eat. If the soul is not fed, then no amount of food will be enough.

Dina is a great coach. She is very knowledgeable and shows sincere interest and desire to help. She is empathic, and her heart is big and open. She walks the talk and shares her stories and struggles, creating an environment of trust and most welcome vulnerability. This allowed me to go deep into myself to find answers.  It also made it possible for me to make lasting changes in the way I eat, think, and live.

Gabriela Rodil, Management Consultant, Author & Speaker, Chicago, IL

You’ll receive …

  • A customized plan that includes weekly transformational coaching sessions by phone or video conferencing to keep your momentum in flow; 


  • Recordings of calls so you can have access to the sessions for life; 


  • Access to a private Facebook support group for daily connection, ongoing support, and accountability with others who share your struggles & dreams; 


  • E-mail support between sessions to answer quick questions and to ensure that you’re always moving forward; 


  • A few surprises to support your journey; and


  • A BONUS Session using The LifeLine Technique® *, a modality to help you uncover and process subconscious emotions that are the root cause of symptoms and stress in your life.   

* The LifeLine Technique® was featured on the HEAL Documentary on Netflix.  It’s an integration of 14 modalities of natural healing into one unified system, developed by holistic physician and Hay House author Dr. Darren R. Weissman. The LifeLine Technique® combines modern science theories such as epigenetics, kinesiology, and chiropractic with ancient Eastern philosophies such as Ayurveda (the chakra system) and the five-element theory of Chinese medicine.  In this modality, we identify limiting beliefs that affect your biology and behavior and process subconscious emotions, which are the root cause of physical symptoms and life stress.

Your Next Step …

To be considered for this program, you’ll need to schedule a complimentary “Free Yourself from Emotional Eating” Discovery Session.

In this 30-minute call, we’ll compassionately explore your challenges with food, your vision for your body and your life, and how I can help you reach your personal goals.  This call is for those who are ready and committed to creating change.  It’s designed to see if we’re a great fit to work together. 

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anaïs Nin

Translation: You acknowledge that it hurts WAY more to stay stuck in old patterns than it does to take steps to transform yourself into who you want to be.