Cravings & Emotional Eating Programs

What You Don’t Know is Weighing You Down

 Curious to discover the hidden reasons that might be blocking you from finding your optimal weight?  Let’s unravel the mystery and learn why it’s not just about willpower and clean eating!

Are you in a battle with food and your body?

In my video, I share my personal journey and two crucial steps I took to overcome food cravings and emotional eating.  

Do you know that an estimated 97% of all diets fail?  That’s because most diets only focus on shedding pounds without developing the tools to cope with underlying emotions at the root of food issues and weight gain.  On top of that, the diet culture industry has programmed you with the mindset that:

  • shrinking your body is the path to happiness,
  • the scale somehow defines your worth and identity,
  • foods are “good” or “bad,” and
  • food rules and restrictions are the solution.

You probably know that excess weight is a symptom of overeating.  But are you aware that overeating is a symptom of what’s eating you?

Mic Drop…

Food is not the problem!

It serves as a solution … a way to numb and distract you from stressful emotions or to pump you up with good feelings.  Let’s be honest.  Relying on food as a solution is only a short-term “fix.”  It’s not sustainable.

Through my training and experiences, I’ve come to understand …

Food and weight issues are NOT about willpower & just clean eating!

Even if you eat the healthiest foods on the planet, there are still hidden reasons why your body holds on to extra weight.  

 In fact, there are 7 primary hidden reasons, which emotional eating expert Brittany Watkins refers to as Weight Loss Blockers.  These blockers are subconscious programs … meaning you’re not aware of them.  

Your subconscious mind protects you from what it perceives as a threat to love, safety, belonging, and even your identity.  

These hidden reasons trigger you to have food cravings, eat for emotional reasons, and sabotage yourself … all as a means to protect you from these perceived threats.

By learning tools like Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT/tapping), Matrix Reimprinting, and other approaches, I discovered how to overcome these hidden reasons and limiting beliefs. 

The result? 
I no longer rely on food to numb my emotions.  After years of struggle, my food cravings are gone.  I can now keep my formerly labeled “red-light” foods, like potatoes, cashews, and even chocolate, in the house without guilt or overindulging.  Dining out is now a breeze.  I can order what I want without feeling compelled to finish everything on my plate.   Plus, I no longer feel the need to keep my stomach full at night.

I’m no longer obsessed with thoughts of food, diet, and weight.  This is SO liberating!

That wasn’t all.  The approaches I learned helped me in other ways I was not expecting.

  • I’m more confident and trusting in my body and in myself,
  • I’ve found peace within, forgiving myself and others for things that used to weigh me down,
  • ​I’ve become adept at setting and expressing healthy boundaries in ways that honor both myself and others, and
  • Self-care has become my top priority.  I’ve come to realize my inherent worth and that everyone deserves the best version of me.

I passionately want other women to experience this, which is why I offer these two programs …

Love Yourself Lighter

Are you tired of struggling with food cravings and emotional eating?  Let me introduce you to Love Yourself Lighter, my exclusive one-on-one program designed to empower you to overcome these challenges. Here’s what awaits you:

  • Discover a palette of tools to help you master your food triggers.
  • Release the weight of subconscious limiting beliefs and distressing emotions that keep you from finding your body’s optimal weight. 
  • Feel naturally inspired to nurture and nourish yourself in fulfilling ways that don’t involve food.
  • Enjoy a healthy and harmonious relationship with food, your body, and, most importantly, yourself.
  • Evolve into the next best version of yourself!

That future version of you lives in your heart … and she’s waiting to co-create the life YOU want to paint!

Join me for this transformative 16-week program, where we’ll connect through weekly hour-long Zoom sessions.  Utilizing powerful tools such as EFT/tapping, Matrix Reimprinting, Intuitive Eating, and more, we’ll work together to paint the canvas of the life you desire!

In the initial four weeks, I’ll introduce you to Intuitive Eating.  You’ll receive insightful emails every other day with concise teachings, brief homeplay (gentle assignments), and supportive material.  Prior to each session, you’ll receive an audio recording with a written transcript on these topics:

Week 1 – Understanding the diet cycle and What is Intuitive Eating?

Week 2 – Recognizing hunger and fullness cues and the importance of satisfaction

Week 3 – The 4-Day Food Experiment

Week 4 – Exploring emotional eating and cultivating body respect

Bonus audio/transcript Food Wisdom

Throughout our Zoom calls, we’ll compassionately address any challenges or resistance stemming from your lessons and home play.

Week 5 is dedicated to crafting a personalized blueprint for the rest of your program.  This involves:

  • Completing an assessment that shines the light on your most prevalent limiting beliefs, and
  • Identifying the hidden reasons (subconscious Weight Loss Blockers) that trigger YOUR food cravings, emotional eating, and self-sabotage.

Weeks 6 – 16 – Our focus shifts to overcoming your food cravings, emotional eating, and self-sabotage, while also addressing and reshaping limiting beliefs. We’ll utilize the tools of EFT/tapping, Matrix Reimprinting, and other empowering approaches.

I’ll equip you with resources and guide you in applying EFT/tapping and other techniques, empowering you to initiate positive change on your own.  However, we’ll reserve the more in-depth “heavy lifting” for our sessions together.

Moving forward, you’ll FEEL …

  • Lighter and more energized,
  • More “in charge” and at ease around food,
  • Armed with effective tools to address any difficult emotions as they arise … so you don’t find yourself in these overeating situations, and
  • Confident and happy with who you are and how you live and express yourself.

When you are in a more peaceful and relaxed state, your body can more naturally find its optimal weight.

The ideal client for this program is:  

– ready to get to the root cause of her challenges instead of managing symptoms,

– willing to step outside of her comfort zone with compassionate support & accountability,

– committed to making positive, lifelong change, rather than quick-fix or band-aid solutions,

– willing to explore stressfull emotions with a skilled coach, 

– ready to move beyond restrictive food rules imposed by diet culture, and

– open to embracing new solutions and perspectives.

If this is you … 

Schedule a FREE 30-minute Tame Your Cravings & Emotional Eating Clarity Session over Zoom.  We’ll compassionately look at your goals and challenges and see if we’re a good fit to work together.  You deserve a relationship of peace & harmony with food and, most importantly, with yourself!

Making Peace with Your Plate™

If you’re feeling hesitant to delve into one-on-one coaching, consider joining my transformative 14-day group program, “Making Peace with Your Plate™” – a perfect starting point!

Based on the proven principles of Intuitive Eating, this program will help you develop a healthy relationship with food and break free from the up-and-down diet cycle roller coaster.  With Intuitive Eating, you’ll build trust with yourself and your body without obsessing over every little calorie or macro.

It’s time to embrace a balanced lifestyle where food is your friend, not your enemy. 

In this 14-day program, you will:

Start to break the cycle of dieting so you can trust yourself with food,

Begin to identify the root causes of emotional eating, so you can reduce stress and overeating without relying on willpower,

Rediscover the pleasure and satisfaction of food again – because food is meant to be savored and enjoyed,

Learn what foods satiate you and sustain your energy throughout the day, so you can embrace life with a renewed sense of vitality,

Stop counting calories and start eating with ease and freedom, and

Finally, begin to make peace with food and your body so you can focus on what’s truly important to you and infuse more joy and serenity into your life.  

I invite you to take advantage of this life-changing program, held three times a year … usually in January, April, & September.  Special start dates are available upon request.

Join the VIP waitlist for early notification about the next program!

What’s Included in the Program?

Five Live Group Coaching Calls  Join me for these live 60-90-minute sessions where I’ll guide you through the Making Peace with Your Plate™ method.  It’s a chance to ask questions, share your thoughts, and receive coaching alongside amazing, like-minded, like-hearted women. Can’t make it to the live call?  No worries – catch the replay whenever it suits you.  (We kick off with a call the day before the program starts and then have two weekly calls.)

Daily Support in a Private Facebook Group – Join your fellow journeyers in daily personal support and coaching from me.  It’s a sacred space for transformation, connection, and plenty of encouragement.

Daily Coaching Emails – For 14 days, wake up to a daily email with a quick teaching and a bite-sized daily assignment.  Imagine having a coach drop wisdom in your inbox every morning.

Making Peace with Your Plate™ Guidebook – Your go-to resource between our live group coaching calls.  This guide introduces you to the concepts of a non-diet approach to your relationship with food and your body.

Making Peace with Your Plate™ Journal – Support your process of building your Intuitive Eating cues of hunger, fullness, and satisfaction with this journal … perfectly complementing the five live coaching calls and Guidebook.

Suggested Daily Routine – a simple roadmap for you to follow, free from strict rules and restrictions.  It’s all about simple self-care and feeling fantastic!  Say goodbye to stress, overwhelm, and frustration.

Over 30 Delicious Recipes by a Professional Chef – These recipes get RAVE reviews from my clients.  Whether you’re into smoothies, salads, or heartier fare like curries and stir-fries, you’re sure to find favorites.  There are no rigid meal plans here – the recipes are provided for inspiration only; they are not required.

Kitchen & Food Prep Tips Guide – Whether you’re a kitchen newbie or a seasoned pro, you’ll love these straightforward, time-saving strategies. Turn these food prep practices into consistent and sustainable habits.

BONUS 45-Minute Private Strategy Session with Me – We’ll chat about how the program went for you and plan personalized next steps to keep you on track in making peace with your plate!

Are you ready to transform your relationship with food?

I invite you to take advantage of this life-changing program, held three times a year … usually in January, April, & September.  Special start dates are available upon request.

Sign up for the VIP waitlist to get early notification about the next program!

“Dina Weiss is an amazing coach and a loving guide for this work. Her wisdom, knowledge, and compassion are beautiful, and she helps others to feel seen and heard.  I am deeply grateful for this experience.  Before the class, I’d been working on these concepts of intuitive eating.  Still, I struggled with the ideas around gentle nutrition and acceptance of diet culture and its effects.  Through this course, I was able to uncover many of my limiting beliefs about how I feel about my body and my eating habits.  I was able to discover my preferences without feeling judgment.  I highly recommend this program to anyone struggling with body image who chooses to build healthy habits with kindness, love, and empathetic support.  Thank you, Dina! “

~ Dr. Alisa Sattler