Emotional Freedom Techniques


Ready to unlock your inner calm?

Discover the transformative power of “Tap into Serenity – Your Essential Recipe for Emotional Freedom.”  This guide features simple steps to:

  • feel better in the moment
  • alleviate mind-body stress
  • reduce the intensity of challenging emotions
  • foster a sense of safety and relaxation.

Start your quest for emotional freedom now!

Are You…

  • Exhausted from the weight of stress and burdened by negative emotions?
  • Ready to release the heavy baggage of past regrets and future fears that keep you trapped in chronic stress?

In my video, I explain Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT, also known as Tapping), how it works and its potential to bring you relief from stress.  Here’s how I came to EFT …

Years ago, I carried the heavy weight of regrets, fears, and worries, turning each day into a struggle.  I couldn’t see my own light because it was clouded by a thick haze of painful memories and limiting beliefs about my value and worth.

At my lowest point, a friend suggested EFT as a powerful, evidenced-based way to release stress, pain, and self-limiting beliefs.  Despite my initial skepticism, I decided to give it a shot.

Guided by a practitioner, I tapped on specific points of my body while sharing my thoughts, feelings, and experiences.  These locations correspond with acupressure points, and tapping on them helped rebalance my energy system.

Surprisingly, my stress and intense emotions lessened in the moment and over time through follow-up sessions.  Encouraged by this progress, I extended my exploration with EFT group sessions and had profound results.

Yes, those difficult memories still exist, but they no longer trigger me emotionally.  Tapping has empowered me, cultivating self-compassion and opening up fresh perspectives.  Now, I face life’s challenges with renewed strength and resilience.

Inspired by my experiences, I pursued in-depth study, earning accreditation as a Certified EFT Practitioner through EFT International.  Helping others access their inner peace and wisdom gives me so much joy.

How EFT Works

In my video, I touched on how EFT works.  Another insightful way to understand it is through metaphor.  Picture the EFT/tapping process as a TABLE.

The tabletop represents your core issue or limiting belief, such as:

☐ Rejection
☐ It’s too late.
☐ I’m not worthy.
☐ Procrastination
☐ I’m not lovable.
☐ Disappointment
☐ I need to be perfect.
☐ I must please others.
☐ I’m not good enough.
☐ I don’t have enough time.
☐ It’s not safe to be seen or heard.
☐ I can’t be my authentic self, or I’ll be judged.
☐ I’m not smart enough, or I don’t know enough.


Each leg of the table represents one past event in your life that provides evidence of your core issue or limiting belief. 

All legs (events) hold the tabletop (core issue/limiting beliefs) in place.

With EFT/tapping, we address one event at a time to COLLAPSE that leg of your table … diminishing or eliminating the emotional charge of the unpleasant memory.  Collapsing even a few legs of the table (events) often dismantles that tabletop (the limiting belief or issue).

EFT Packages

If you’re looking for a fresh approach to overcoming limiting beliefs and blocks that hold you back, 

Or perhaps you’re in need of extra support to navigate life’s stressors …

An EFT Package might be the perfect solution for you.

My approach to working with you …

My commitment is to provide tools and strategies that empower you to break free from outdated beliefs that may no longer serve you and emotional triggers that lead you to sabotage yourself and your relationships.

Our work together is a partnership, a collaboration.  

I give you caring support and accountability as you work through the blocks and barriers that prevent you from living your heart’s vision of yourself and your life.

You take inspired actions and give yourself grace and compassion, focusing on progress rather than perfection.

Give a woman a fish, and you feed her for a day. 

Teach her how to fish, and you feed her for a lifetime.” 

~adapted from Lao Tzu

No matter what your goal or issue is, I want you to walk away with a tool that YOU can use to regulate your nervous system and manage your emotional triggers in the moment.  

I will teach you techniques to incorporate into your “home play” between our sessions, which will feed you for a lifetime!

That said, when it comes to addressing emotions and events requiring more “heavy lifting,” we’ll do that during our session time. 

How we work together …

Before our initial session, schedule a complimentary 20-minute EFT/Tapping Consultation to see if we’re a good fit to work together.  If so, choose a 7- or 11-session EFT package.

Session 1 (Discovery Session)Identify your long-term vision AND a specific intention (an achievable goal or outcome) for your package, focusing on one of these “Big Five” areas:

  1. Health & Wellness
  2. Work
  3. Relationships
  4. Money
  5. Spirituality

Every session – Define your specific goal/outcome for that session. 

Between sessionsEngage in your assigned activities, aka “home play,” which we’ll decide upon together at the end of each session.

I am here to tell you …

While it’s natural to feel emotional pain sometimes, prolonged emotional suffering is NOT a must.  You don’t have to carry the weight of it anymore.

Let’s collaborate to find balance and harmony between your mind and body.

Are you ready to tap into a new sense of mind-body freedom?  

I encourage you to book a FREE 20-minute EFT/Tapping Zoom Consultation  to see if we’d be a good fit to work together.  

You deserve to live and express your most joyful and authentic life – free from the weight of limiting thoughts and actions. 

“I just enjoyed an EFT session with Dina Weiss and am so impressed.  Today I began with feeling fearful and frustrated, and she facilitated me to move through those emotions and awaken to a new self-appreciation.  Dina’s approach is compassionate and very clear.  She encourages and gently suggests from the “back seat.”  I felt like I was driving my transformation with her guidance like a Spiritual GPS helping me navigate.  I look forward to more sessions with Dina and highly recommend her as an EFT practitioner! “

~ Jill Jefferson