The LifeLine Technique® … featured on the HEAL Documentary on Netflix


One of the biggest triggers for emotional eating is limiting beliefs.  I invite you into the transforming experience of a ​90-minute Introductory LifeLine Session​ to give you a taste of how empowering it is to uncover and process limiting beliefs and emotions that affect your body, relationships, and habits.

Developed by holistic physician and Hay House author Dr. Darren R. Weissman, The LifeLine Technique® is an epic process that combines modern science theories such as epigenetics, kinesiology, and chiropractic with ancient Eastern philosophies such as Ayurveda (the chakra system) and the five-element theory of Chinese medicine.

I have been a Certified LifeLine Practitioner since 2011 and am deeply grateful for the major role this modality has played in helping me to break free of emotional eating.  The truth is that we need to feel in order to heal.  As I learned to face my emotions and feel them in healthy ways, I discovered that I no longer needed to “eat my emotions.”  Rather than food being a means to anesthetize myself, it became a joyful source of nourishment. What a gift!

Given that our subconscious mind controls over 90% of our thoughts and functions, The LifeLine Technique® is designed to uncover hidden thought patterns that affect our biology and behavior.  The subconscious mind also stores unprocessed emotions that accumulate over time and can show up as physical symptoms and stress.  In a LifeLine session, we create a conscious and meaningful dialogue with the subconscious mind and uncover, process, and harmonize the emotional root to those symptoms and stressors. 

I love that LifeLine offers a mega empowering philosophy where you can view your “problems” as “portals” that awaken you to the next greatest expression of yourself, rather than as something that’s here to victimize you.

Through this process, you can shift negative thoughts, self-defeating behaviors, and self-judgment into clarity, compassion, calm confidence, and inspired action … where you live your life more intentionally aligned with your heart’s desires … where you transform your mind from a reactive, stressful state into a powerhouse of love and creativity.

Sessions are generally “content free,” meaning that you don’t need to share any details or past experiences in order to benefit from the experience.  

The LifeLine Technique® also focuses on the “Five Basics for Optimal Health” (AKA “The 5 Essential Acts of Self Love”) … meaning the quantity, quality, and frequency of Food, Water, Rest, Exercise, and Owning Your Power.

Honestly, this process is so experiential that it can be difficult to explain.  The truth is … the best way to understand it is to experience it for yourself! And, that is why I’ve created this introductory offer.

With even one session, my clients report that they feel more …

    • Love & compassion for themselves and others
    • Clarity of thinking and vision
    • Able to handle their food triggers
    • Peaceful and relaxed
    • Inner strength
    • Creative
    • Empowered
    • Light in their body
    • Aligned with their passion and purpose
“One LifeLine phone session was very power full!  The session created clarity and an understanding about how bringing conscious awareness to parts of myself and integrating them really does create the space for the realization that “I am PEACE, feeling FREEDOM. “


I came to Dina after a year of physical, mental and emotional suffering which turned my life, as I knew it, upside down.  I wanted to feel peace and freedom. I wanted healing on every level. And last night’s experience with one LifeLine phone session was very power full! As open as I feel I am, I’m also still amazed at how much is buried below the surface and how the subconscious works in a reactive way. I have lived my life in my head, and the body obediently came along for the ride.  During the session, I definitely felt a shift.  I feel even more committed to living this life with a different relationship with my body.


In addition, I feel as if I’ve integrated a part of me that’s been out on her own and “thinking” she needed to protect herself and it manifested in stunted relationships, unmet needs, suppressed anger and then finally physical dis-ease.  The session created more clarity then I had before and an understanding about how bringing this part of me to conscious awareness and integrating her really does create the space for “I am PEACE, feeling FREEDOM.” That is my intention and I must have said that line close to a dozen times today.  It feels sooooo good.  Thank you, Dina, for your generous gift of presence and process.


Jackie Lesser Faust, Leadership Coach, Philadelphia, PA


You’ll receive …

  • a 90-minute Introductory LifeLine session by phone or video conferencing to jumpstart your progress in breaking through limiting beliefs that hold you back; 


  • a recording of the call so you can have access to the session for life; 


  • access to a private Facebook support group for daily connection, ongoing support, and accountability with others who share your struggles & dreams; 


  • an e-mail summary of your LifeLine session so you understand how to move forward with your take-aways; and


  • A BONUS gift – “The Power of Infinite Love & Gratitude” book by Dr. Darren R. Weissman to continue supporting your journey