Meet Dina …

Hi!  I’m Dina Weiss, a passionate personal growth junkie who geeks over the mind-body-spirit connection.  I’m also a musician, retired conference planner, and mother of two grown boys.

My own journey of overcoming struggles with food, body image, and relationships revealed my soul’s true calling.  It makes my heart sing to support and inspire women in cultivating a peaceful and harmonious relationship with food and, most importantly, with themselves … all through mind-body-spirit connections.

I’ve learned the invaluable lesson and gift of life balance.  Oprah’s wisdom about putting YOUR oxygen mask on first truly strikes a chord with me.  Prioritizing my needs has become a source of energy and fulfillment, ensuring everyone gets the best version of me.

Starting my day with self-care is a must.  I value my sacred morning time, where I get to choose from a menu of meditation, tapping, breathing practices, LifeLine Ignite, journaling, dancing, walking, “Coffee & Corgi time” with my sweet Frederick, and other mindful/heartful practices.  It sets the tone for a high-vibe day ahead!

I find joy in life’s simple pleasures—whether it’s the comfort and colors of knitting, the delight of singing, connecting with loved ones, or soaking in nature with my amazing husband, Mike (an extraordinary nature photographer).  Traveling holds a special place in my heart, as does immersing myself in events like Dr. Joe Dispenza’s meditation retreats, where I’m surrounded and supported by like-minded, like-hearted souls.

These experiences are fuel for my personal and professional growth, and I just can’t get enough of them!

My Heartfelt Message for You …

Dear friend,

Even though we may not have met, we already have a heart connection.  I’m on a journey as a recovering chronic yo-yo dieter and emotional eater, and I have a feeling you might be, too.

Chances are, we have some shared experiences and beliefs …

💗 Battling with food, your body, and negative self-talk

💗 Fixating on the parts of your body that make you feel self-conscious

💗 Holding the belief that you aren’t enough as you are, and that your happiness is contingent on weight loss  

💗 Following food rules and restrictions only to sabotage your efforts

💗 Using food as a means to distract or numb yourself from challenging emotions like frustration, loneliness & sadness

💗 Feeling super sensitive to other people’s emotions and your own 

Through a lens of compassion, I can now recognize that as a teenager and adult, I made the mistake of deferring my happiness until I reached my desired weight. 

I was tying my identity and worth to an unforgiving bathroom scale as if it had the power to define who I was.  On top of that, I was making other people responsible for my happiness and relying on food to numb the pain of unhappiness.

This battle with food and my body only left me feeling frustrated and powerless.  Despite my efforts to control my cravings and overeating, I found myself stuck in a cycle of restrictive diets accompanied by guilt, shame, and negative self-talk. 

I felt like a failure.

When I hit rock bottom, a voice inside urged me to reach for my true potential and purpose.  It whispered, 

You’re destined for so much more than your physical appearance.”

My Credentials

This message sparked an intense passion within me to pursue personal growth.  I devoted years to immersing myself in diverse programs and experiences, seeking to enrich my mind, body, and soul.  Through my exploration of coaching, meditation, and other holistic practices, I discovered the profound power of the subconscious mind on my mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Above all, I’ve come to understand that practicing self-love, infused with grace and gratitude, is the key to creating joy and meaningful change.  My personal evolution has been a journey of empowerment that inspires and humbles me daily.

1. It’s NOT about shedding pounds.  It’s about embracing who I truly am – the person I’m authentically meant to be.

2. The heaviest weight I carried was the burden of stressful emotions and limiting beliefs that kept me from living my best life.

3. Through letting go of my mental and emotional baggage, I discovered the path to my ideal body weight and opened doors to more meaningful connections and possibilities.

Finding my optimal body weight means…


Feeling good in my own skin, no matter what size I am


Taking ownership of listening to and honoring my body’s present and ever-changing needs


Knowing my physical weight is a moving target and doesn’t define who I am


Living life from a heart-centered place … aligned with my core values


Trusting that my body holds more wisdom than any dietary authority


Using my tools to navigate and shift my thoughts & emotions, which directly influence my body weight

 I also learned I could NOT do this alone!


I want you to know I’m still in this with you

… continuing to heal my relationship with food, my body, and myself.  It’s a journey, not a destination.  

While I still have fears and regrets, I can view them through a more empowering lens that makes me feel more present and resilient.  I’ve moved beyond relying on food as a crutch to calm my nervous system or evade stressful emotions and situations.

My life’s struggles and missteps have gifted me with a great superpowermy ability to hold a safe, nurturing, and compassionate space for you.  

If you relate to my story, know there is hope and a way out.  You don’t have to face this alone.

It would be my joy and honor to help you cultivate a harmonious relationship with food, your body, and, most importantly, yourself. 



P.S.  You can join me on Facebook and in my free Mind-Body Weight Release private Facebook community.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with many coaches in the past, but Dina’s approach stands out.  Her wisdom, patience, and extensive experience shine through in every session.  What sets her apart is her willingness to put her ego aside and adapt her methods if they’re not working.  This created a safe and sacred space of trust to explore past challenges and release the stress that weighed me down for far too long.”

– Elynn Light