Your body speaks your mind. So it follows that 

releasing weight is about so much more than 

just the food that you put into your body.

In order to successfully and sustainably change your eating and lifestyle habits to release weight, you need to have the mindset and heart set in place that are congruent with what you want to experience and who you want to be.  

The Mind-Body Blueprint represents my holistic philosophy about what needs to be in place to free yourself of emotional eating and to release weight … so that you can have more joy, love, energy, peace, confidence, and authenticity in your life.

All of my programs embody elements of the Mind-Body Blueprint:

Metabolizing more efficiently,    

partly by what you eat, but mostly by becoming more conscious of who you are being.

  • You metabolize not only food, but also your E-Motions (Energy in Motion). You process your emotions by seeing, hearing, and feeling them … without judgment. Otherwise, these emotions get trapped in your subconscious mind and drive your biology and your bus. You’ve gotta feel to heal. I will support you to embrace ALL emotions that are authentic for you … intentionally with love, acceptance, and compassion.
Infusing love & gratitude

into everything you eat, drink, think, feel, say, and do … with a dose of play and humor as well!

  • Everything is energy … frequencies. The frequencies that you broadcast, whether it’s love or fear, represent the energy that you attract into your life and your body, just like a magnet. This energy becomes the chemistry that impacts the health of your body and relationships. Infinite Love & Gratitude is the Universal healing energy that will raise the vibration of your body and life and, as a side benefit, the lives of those you touch.
Nourishing your body & soul

with six essential acts of self-love:  Food, Water, Rest, Movement, Breathing, and Owning Your Power

  • We all have a sense of what the first five acts mean, and we will explore these in more depth. However, what does it mean to own your power? While you may have no choice in what happens, you own your power when you recognize that you always have a choice in how you respond and relate to your challenge. What’s your “come from” on this? Are you coming from a stance of fear and disempowerment OR from a place of love and empowerment? We will train your brain to come from a place of empowerment … without even having to think about it.
Detoxifying & Decluttering your body, thoughts, environment, and schedule
  • We will simplify strategies for detoxifying and decluttering your body and life with manageable baby steps, because small hinges swing big doors!  I’ll be holding your hand.
The “Hyphen” represents CONNECTION.  
  • You will be guided to nourish your connection with yourself, others, nature, and how you relate to the loving and intelligent power that connects everyone and everything (Divine, God, Source, Spirit, Universe …).
Believing in what serves you and Being fully present in your body … in this moment.
  • Beliefs are learned … They are simply thoughts that repeat themselves. Just because you learned something doesn’t necessarily make it true. What is true for you is based on the meaning YOU give it. The good news is that you can change the meaning by understanding that your thoughts/beliefs create your experiences. And, your experiences confirm your beliefs. So, you will be guided to choose thoughts that are empowering and to release the ones that no longer serve you.
  • When you are present in your body in this moment, you are more conscious. When you are more conscious, then you have more choices. When you have more choices, then you are MUCH happier! When you occupy your body with intention, then you are more grounded and can live with more joy, clarity, and purpose. Truly, your power only exists in the present moment.
Observing with high resolution the pain, fear, & stress in your body and in your life.  
  • Regardless of any “smokescreens” you perceive and experience (the matrix you project) of not being good enough, smart enough, worthy, deserving, or valuable, you are a being of pure love and light. Inside that being is peace and equanimity. It lives in you always. Only when you step back and observe without judgment are you able to transform. When you observe, you become the witness, rather than the victim. Rather than perceiving pain, fear, and stress as problems (though yes, they suck), you begin to observe them as portals to discovering a power you may otherwise never have known … a gift in strange wrapping paper. We will dig up your gifts together, and you will pay them forward to the world!
Daring to be vulnerable and authentic by stepping out of your comfort zone.
  • You will open up to seeing yourself and the world through a new lens, a new perspective … with empowering truth. When you change the way you view things, the things you view begin to change … including YOU. You will commit to taking new, empowered actions and to listening and speaking authentically from your heart. Expecting a different result by repeating the same old thoughts and patterns over and over again is insanity! I will help you to identify and upgrade these thoughts and patterns that no longer serve you.
Yessing your desires!
  • You will shift your focus to your DESIRES … to where you are going, rather than what you are trying to move away from … because what you focus on is what grows. We will re-direct your compass in the direction of YESSING your desires!

There are 3 steps to implementing the Mind-Body Blueprint


to adopting a beginner’s mind and to releasing your “monkey mind,” the negative self talk, judgment, perfectionism, and expectations. No should-ing on yourself … or others. There is no such thing as failure, only feedback.


beliefs and actions that don’t serve you by CHOOSING thoughts and actions that authentically support you; and


healthy, life-giving and sustainable habits through shifting your mindset and heart set.

Are you feeling the shift already? 

Are you committed to investing in YOURSELF … to re-inventing yourself … your mind, your body, and who you are being in this world?!

If so, then I invite you to a COMPLIMENTARY “Free Yourself from Emotional Eating” Discovery Session so that we can explore if we are a good fit for one another. I guarantee that even if we don’t wind up working together, then you will still walk away with at least one BIG “AHA” about releasing weight from your body and stress from your life. 

If you’re fed up with feeling weighed down and are truly committed to change, then it will be my honor and passion to be your greatest cheerleader and your guide on the side!

Expand your understanding of yourself and your place in the world.

What are you waiting for?

My clients are finding the results they are looking for! 

See what a few clients are saying about working with me.

Dina has such a genuine approach, and she uses and trusts her intuition to really help to get to the heart of the matter and to the core of where you are really feeling stuck.
Carrie Jain, Los Angeles, CA
Dina is gifted. She has uncanny intuition to know what healing modality to incorporate into a session. She is highly trained and it shows.
– Elijah Selby, San Francisco, CA
I had another dress I have never been able to wear. I decided to try it on one more time before adding it to my goodwill pile, and it looked ‘SMOKIN’!  Thank you for providing an avenue for me to feel good about myself again!  
– Cris Greer, High Point, NC
I learned tools and important information to be able to manage my health and release weight. I was able to transform some assumptions about myself, my body, and food that I was not even aware I had. 
Gabby Rodil, Chicago, IL
Dina is very skilled in many modalities and techniques, so her expertise in holding a space of kindness and love was very welcoming to me.  It was remarkable to hear her mirror back some of the fascinating questions and fresh insights to me – all custom tailored to my needs.  
Ellen Welk, OshKosh, WI