Discover 3 Simple Strategies to Stop Eating Your Emotions

I believe that when you release your mental and emotional baggage, then physical weight loss becomes automatic.

You’re here because you feel at war with food, your body and yourself … stuck in a cycle of eating, guilt, & punishment.

You use food as a way to numb yourself from feeling stress & overwhelming emotions.

You want to crawl out of this prison, but you’re stuck and frozen in self-judgement, isolation, low self-esteem, doubt, and fears.  It feels paralyzing.

Take a deep breath …

I’ve been there. And, though I still dance with this myself, I can definitely help you!

I offer two ways to support you on your journey … 

Let’s figure out what’s the best fit for you!

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12 Weeks to “Tame Your Food Triggers”

Join me in this personalized 1:1 private transformational coaching experience that will help you to meet your emotional needs in more effective ways than eating so you can break free of overeating, yo-yo dieting, and low self-esteem.  This 12-week program embodies the 7 steps of the “FREEDOM” Formula for taming your food triggers.  By the end of the program, you’ll have new rituals, different habits, and feel lighter in your mind and body!

Introductory LifeLine Session

I invite you to dive with me into the experience of The LifeLine Technique®, featured on the HEAL Documentary on Netflix.  In this multi-step process, I can help you begin to transform fear into courage, dis-ease into wellness, pain into power, and chaos into clarity by safely processing and harmonizing emotions that have been stuck in your subconscious mind. 

Experience more clarity & empowerment in your decision making.

When working with me, we’ll discover what steps you can take to feel clear and empowered.

Not sure where to start or wanna talk first? – Awesome!

Schedule a free discovery call, and let’s get clarity on what’s best for you.

My clients are finding the results they are looking for! 

See what a few clients are saying about working with me.

Dina is gifted. She has uncanny intuition to know what healing modality to incorporate into a session. She is highly trained and it shows.
– Elijah Selby, San Francisco, CA
Dina has such a genuine approach, and she uses and trusts her intuition to really help to get to the heart of the matter and to the core of where you are really feeling stuck.
Carrie Jain, Los Angeles, CA
After working with Dina for the last 10 months and with her encouragement and guidance, I have released 25 pounds and kept it off.  She is supportive, honest and knowledgeable.  
– Marva Wolf, Edmond, OK
I learned tools and important information to be able to manage my health and release weight. I was able to transform some assumptions about myself, my body, and food that I was not even aware I had. 
Gabby Rodil, Chicago, IL
Working with Dina has showed me how to slow down and love myself and to listen to my body.  She showed me how to nourish myself in all areas of both mind and body.  
– Stacy Solie, Palm Harbor, FL